Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Happy Life

I think that being happy is something that all of us want to experience. Finding that happiness though can at times be somewhat of a tricky task. I have recently been studying on the topic and how to really find true happiness. One of the biggest conclusions that I have come to is that to be happy we have to choose to be happy. A conscious effort along with desire must be made to live a happy life. I use to have a coach in high school who said, "Today will be a good day because I will make it a good day!" We all have the choice to be happy in no matter what situation we are placed in. There are certain things in life that can drag us down but having a belief in God can lift us up. Lasting happiness comes through making right choices that are in accordance with the laws that God has set forth. I have seen in my own life that as I seek after happiness and truly do my part to find it that I am then in turn able to be at peace.